Monday, July 25, 2011

MUTEMATH's Remix Contest

In a brilliant move of marketing, promotion, and community-building, MUTEMATH released audio stems for their newest single so that fans could remix and reinterpret the song. As one of my favorite bands, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

I chose to change the feel of the original when I started, but my intention was never to make it as dark as it turned out. Giving the vocals more room to breathe and focusing on atmosphere rather than layers and layers of parts, the lyrics went from sounding like "empower-the-individual-in-you" to "I'm ostracized and lonesome." The end of the second verse, in particular, I find to be absolutely heartbreaking.

I encourage you to also check out the other remixes that fans have submitted. I've been extremely impressed with how different and terrific many of them are.

Odd Soul (Maybe Bomb's "Daddy Don't Belong" Remix) by Maybe Bomb

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