Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had every intention to come home and work on this instrumental demo more before I published it today, but, on the ride back home, I decided that doing so would take away from the original idea of the website, which I have been doing all too much of lately; I thought it would be better to let you listen to a version that I don't think is ready, so that you can hear it evolve.

What I think this song has working for it are the synth pads that go throughout the song. By combining a few, I came to a very full sound that fills the track without being overwhelming. I also really like the various bass/drum rhythms. The high "beepy" synth that pretty much just plays arpeggios is a nice background piece that gives a boost where it is without taking your attention from the overall track. I'm also a sucker for a heavily delayed and slightly distorted piano.

However, I'm unhappy with plenty more.

The dynamics aren't right, and the song seems to peak early without ever getting much quieter. It's too much. When everything is big, nothing is big. Also, the arrangement, specifically in regards to how the chord structures in the various sections work into and against each other, isn't there (And I've never been naturally good when working with or arranging chords... it's always been trial and error while praing for happy mistakes). The song is too long, or feels that way, because there is too much going on, too many parts smashed in there for the sake of having more parts.

I like the way I was able to use one of the sounds from "Event Horizon" to end the track. It may make an interesting transition into it. When it comes time for vocals, I think I'm going to try to create lyrics that would naturally lead into that song in the overall story of the album.

But who cares what I think? Listen for yourself.