Friday, July 31, 2009

Fingerprints In Sand > Another Day Away

Lyrically, I ended up writing this song backwards. It was strange, because I knew that I wanted this to be a first track on the album, and so it needed to set up the themes and concepts I've been exploring in the other tracks (waking up to find that everyone in the world has continued to move on while you slept/the dreams you had while comatose), and I've never really had a purpose to any of the lyrics before. This is really closest I've come to intentional storytelling so far.

I rarely go into writing lyrics with such specific intent, usually allowing the words and messages to develop on their own by giving them no particular direction. For the last few days, I have really done little else besides work on them and the vocal part in general. But regardless of how I got there (or what else I have not done with my life in the process), I'm very happy with this one.

"Another Day Away" is now "Fingerprints In Sand." The title comes from an image that I absolutely loved from an otherwise forgettable poem that I wrote years ago. I'm glad I was able to redeem it by getting it in this song.

The latest demo of "Fingerprints In Sand" can be downloaded here. Play it loud.

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