Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Sun

I've had this one sitting around with vocals for quite a few months at this point, but I was never too happy with the vocal take. I recently redid them and am happy enough to put it up. The one part of this song that I'm still not sure about is the extended instrumental bridge. I think it sounds a bit off, or at least a bit too long with no singing, but that could be because I'm simply over analyzing the song. It's nice to have some keys highlighted, and I can only imagine that when this is performed live the drums will really get the focus to a point where no one will be missing the voice, but I'll probably be trying to get something to fit there for a while longer.

Remind me to post about the potential concept for the album.

Here's The Sun.

I'm also going to see if I can post a vocal version of "Pit Stains" before the day is over. I finished recording some choruses and vocals yesterday, but I have a little bit more to go.



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