Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Day It Is

A bit more of a somber vibe on this guy. I started this one on the 15th and have been working on it on and off.

What Day It Is.

I worked on some lyrics/vocals for Spade Breaker today, and, oddly enough, it looks like the working title may very well have worked its way into the lyrics. At the moment, it looks like the they are a bit reminiscent of Roots of Rebellion's "Messenger" in that the lyrics are a prayer of sorts.

The Maybe Bomb project is coming more and more into focus. Next weekend I plan on dedicating some rehearsal time to working on vocal parts with Kurt. There has been more serious talk about getting studio time to track live drums.

West Gate has just completed some time in the studio and I may be doing some work on a remix for an EP after the album is released.

At the moment, there are five songs that have rough vocals done. I think I'm going to shoot for having no less than fifteen songs ready with vocals to record for the album, whether or not they all make it. I may even put some instrumentals in there.

This weekend I also worked with a new local band to help get them rolling with some ideas for vocals/lyrics. It was a blast. You will certainly be hearing more about these guys. Especially when they get a name for the group. They'll be playing at Struck Fest, a concert to benefit the family of former RoR and current West Gate bassist Rob Strucks's family, at the Kinnelon High School on February 5th.

In show news, the West Gate performance is right around the bend. January 31st at The Starland Ballroom. You 'll be very happy you went.

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