Monday, December 15, 2008

Spade Breaker 12-15-08

I got together with Kurt again yesterday. Playing this material live is an incredible amount of fun, but as exciting as it is, the reality of performing work that has been written entirely as sequences is very difficult. The hardest part at this point is finding the musicians. To allow for flexibility, as well as an interesting stage performance, Maybe Bomb is going to need to consist of at least one extremely tight drummer and two versatile musicians who can primarily play keyboards but are able to switch to guitar or bass depending on the track. I'll probably be playing whole notes in the center of the stage, pawning off the more difficult duties on more talented live performers. As of right now, I'm far more focused on the writing. I'm not exaggerating when I say that there is a large amount of material I've written and recorded that I would not be able to actually play. A lack of rehearsals and performances have pretty much crippled my chops.

The reality of the project is certainly coming into focus, however. Seeing other people get excited about the music keeps pushing me to stop trying to finish material and just finish it already.

Here's the first draft of a completed Spade Breaker.

Since this mix, I've already put a few hours into new adjustments for the next edit.



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