Sunday, October 12, 2008

Destructionism 10-11-08

Updated Destructionism. It's a few days old at this point, but I haven't worked n it much since them. I am really feeling the groove in the verse. I still don't know how it fits with the chorus or where this is going to end up, but the keeper part is now the verse, I think. I like the crossover from the first chorus to the verse. The synth lead has a slight delay which blends them nicely.

In unrelated news, I am totally blown away by that new Britney Spears track, Womanizer. Catchy, catchy. catchy.

Destructionism update.

And check out Insult Comic Dog if you haven't yet. That's the best representation I have of what this whole Maybe Bomb project is going to sound like at this point in time, and I want to know what you think.



Blogger Tiff said...

I clicked on the link and when iTunes opened it, the file was called "Insult Comic Dog 10-08-08." Did you mislabel or did you link to the wrong song?

Either way, I'm responding. I LOVE the verse harmonies; they're really tight and they sound SO nice where they are. Something about the harmonies in the chorus is not sitting right with me, and I don't know enough about music to be able to tell you what it is; maybe there are too many voices? I can only tell you that to my ears something sounds off about it ... I don't want it to sound exactly like the verse harmony, but maybe closer ... ?

I think this is a great song; I love the lyrics and I love the lyrical melody. I can't wait to see what you put in the currently-not-quite-finished portion toward the middle of the song. I like the fun, fast synth part you put in there ... maybe a little piano or drum solo ... ?

Also, I watched the video for Womanizer. I'm not completely impressed by the song and the video did not impress me at all; you'll have to tell me what blows you away about it.

October 13, 2008 at 8:13 PM  

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