Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tinsel Choke

Before I go in any deeper, here is some general information.

1) I hope you love the music, but instead of clicking it, streaming it, falling in love with what you hear, and then continuing to stream it every time you want to listen, please do me a favor and download it on your first shot. This is a little experiment, and right now, I just don't have the bandwidth to spare. So just download them, and feel free to delete after. I won't be offended.

2) Don't get scared off or mislead by the song titles. Since the songs are in their early stages, there are no lyrics. Since there are no lyrics, I still need some way to remember which song is which, so I simply title a project based on word associations, things going on in my life, plans for the day, or the first thing I look at after I click the save button.

(Tinsel Choke is titled because I was looking at an old family Christmas picture where all of us Penola children are choking each other with tinsel. Getting into the holiday spirit, you know?)

3) I encode all the files with some information to put them in the right spot in your music library as soon as you download it, including Artist, Album (everything that is still being worked on will be in "SUP ...In Progress"), Track Title, and even the Beats Per Minute. And don't worry, if you download two different versions of the same song, they will have unique titles, marking the date that I finished that version. For example, this file and track name for this version of Tinsel Choke is "Tinsel Choke 9-13-08.mp3".


Anyway, here is Tinsel Choke. I started it yesterday, and after a fairly long dry spell of writing new material, this one seems to be coming together pretty quickly. Yesterday I got the verse and chorus parts down, and today I wrote the bridge. As it is structurally (intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, chorus 2X), I could theoretically check the song off. However, as you will no doubt start to discover for yourself, I default to this structure far too often and want to start to give my songs some breathing room to let them grow instead of doing whatever I can to put a check mark next to them as soon as possible.

This one seems to have a fun drum part. When I'm writing them, I have two tests to see if they are good to keep. First, I try to imagine my friend (and incredibly talented musician) Kurt from West Gate playing the part. After that, I do my best air-drumming. I figure that if it's fun to pretend to play, it's probably fun to play in real life.

When I first started this one, it felt a lot darker than the things I've been working on lately. It sounded more like something that would have been from my old band, Roots of Rebellion. And I stand behind the latter, but the more I listen to it, the more I hear it as pretty upbeat.

As will always be the case, I'd love to hear what you think. Also, when you comment, do me a favor and tell me a little bit about your own music history -- if you're a musician, what you usually listen to, and things like that, to give me a better idea of where you are coming from.

Speaking of which, I should probably do the same. That will have to be the next post.

Without wasting any more of your time, here's Tinsel Choke.



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