Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Tiff said...
<I love this song. It's just dying for lyrics; it's awesome.

I really like the depth that the clean, acoustic guitar sound adds to the rest of the layers ...

know I said before that I wasn't too hot on the acoustic-sounding
guitar solo around the 1:45 mark, but after a second listen it's
growing on me ... I'd still be interested in hearing what sort of
lingering electric guitar solo would sound like there instead.

around the 2-minute mark there's a space that feels a bit empty
compared to the rest of the song, and I can hear a hint of what sounded
a bit like a faint electric guitar solo, somewhat like what I was
expecting a few seconds earlier in the song ... is that there? If so,
please make it louder and post again ... if not, will you be adding
something there, or do you have other ideas for that section, if any?>

Around 2:00, right after the straight solo part, there is a very faint, reverb-drowned electric guitar. If you ever listen to Dredg, it was thrown in using them as inspiration for that vast, deep sound it adds to the song.

I do think that I'm going to keep the first half of the bridge as a solo; it breaks the pattern most of my song structures fall into a bit better that way, and right now, one of my biggest concerns is making sure that no song makes you say, "Haven't I already heard this one?" I like the distant guitar in the second half because it leaves room for the vocals to come in, too. As the vocals for that bridge get ironed out, I know that they will also end up having a big influence on how that solo is going to sound -- whether it's clean, distorted, simple, or technical.

I'm currently working on lyrics and vocal melodies for this one. I've got a chorus I'm happy with and a half decent bridge, but the verse vocals are still giving me the slip. The next post will probably be an edit with some rough vocals on them once I get around to recording it. Unfortunately, that is probably going to take longer than I would like, seeing as I have about 80 essays being handed to me tomorrow.

Thanks for the post, Tiff! I'm glad you like it.

In other news, I bought a domain for what I plan to be the name of this project. I haven't done anything with the website yet, so don't waste your time heading over (I'll be sure to post when I do), but let me know what you think about the name.

Maybe Bomb.

Again, to get a better idea of the project, head over to the iLike link on your right.

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Blogger Tiff said...

Maybe Bomb? What a great band name! I LOVE IT!

October 5, 2008 at 12:46 PM  

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